The creative director leads a creative team, consisting of art directors, designers, copywriters, as well as sales teams and marketers to create the concept for the product or service. Responsibilities include formulating development strategies for the design solution or campaign, and overseeing the creative process and giving guidance to the creative people in their team.

VP of Sales

The VP of Sales works directly over the Project Manager on sales process and client success.

VP of Marketing

The VP of Marketing the marketing process of a business or product. Marketing director’s can be responsible for either a single product or service, or for several products or services.


Traffic managers are essentially project managers, acting as a go-between to connect account managers to relevant departments and personnel within the agency. Traffic managers are responsible for coordinating and ensuring the orderly flow and time management of all projects from the start of the job initiation to its completion.


Graphic designers create the visual concepts based on the art directors design direction. They find the most effective solutions to getting messages across in print and electronic media through the use of color, type, imagery and format. Graphic designers develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as for advertisements, brochures, magazines, corporate reports, digital graphics and front-end web design.

Communications Specialist (x3)

A content producer creates and develops written or visual content for print or digital applications such as white papers, reports, manuals, videos, images, eBooks, blog posts and infographics.